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How To Clean Your Sliding Patio Doors

When it comes to cleaning your sliding patio doors, it’s not enough to just clean the obvious fingerprints and marks on the glass panes – you also have to consider the tracks and wheels. Have you done this before? If not, it will now probably make sense as to why the wheels aren’t gliding as…

When it comes to cleaning your sliding patio doors, it’s not enough to just clean the obvious fingerprints and marks on the glass panes – you also have to consider the tracks and wheels.

Have you done this before? If not, it will now probably make sense as to why the wheels aren’t gliding as easily as they used to. A buildup of dirt, grime and dust over time will stop your sliding patio doors from rolling smoothly. 

In order to avoid this situation from happening again, here is our guide on how to clean your sliding patio door.

We’ll be providing some useful tips to help with proper maintenance of your sliding patio glass door. 

  • Knowing Each Sliding Door Part 
  • What You Will Need 
  • How to Remove the Sliding Glass Door 
  • How to Clean the Sliding Door Tracks 
  • How to Clean the Sliding Door Rollers 
  • How to Install the Sliding Glass Door 
  • How to Clean the Glass Sliding Door 

Familiarize yourself with your sliding door components. 

It’s important to know what each component of your sliding door is and how they function.

The Head

The head is the horizontal part at the top of the sliding patio door frame.

The Sill

The sill is the horizontal part at the bottom of the sliding patio door frame.

The Jamb

The jamb is a component of the sliding door frame that runs along the top, sides and bottom.

The Roller

The roller is the mechanism that enables the door to slide along the track and is attached underneath the door.

The Track

The track is located on the bottom (or the top depending on your sliding door) of the frame.

Tools Required To Carry Out Cleaning Of Your Sliding Patio Door

  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Vaccum
  • Toothbrush
  • Paper towels
  • Water bucket filled with soapy water
  • A large blanket
  • Clean cloths

Removing the Sliding Patio Glass Door

Step 1 – Getting Prepared

Prior to removing the sliding patio door, make sure that there is enough free space around the door to move freely. Remove all surrounding furniture out of the way and lay down a large blanket in the centre of the room for the sliding door to lay down on. Also remove any rugs, mats and anything else that might be a potential tripping hazard – especially when holding a glass sliding door!

Step 2 – Detach From the Track

Inspect the door frame to determine if both the bottom and top tracks have screws that need to be taken out first. To remove the sliding door from the track, take a flathead screwdriver (depending on what type of screws the track has) and start loosening the screws by rotating it counterclockwise. Once you have removed the screws, grab the sliding door securely on both sides.

Step 3 – Lift Out the Door 

Getting someone to assist you with this step can be helpful.

Make sure you have a good grip and then begin gently lifting the door up into the top track to release it from the bottom track, then start to slowly pull the door out. Once the door has been removed, gently lay it down on a blanket on the floor or carefully lean it up against a wall.

How to Clean the Sliding Door Tracks

At the bottom of your sliding patio door, dust, debris, bugs and grime can accumulate on the frame, track and rollers. They collect over time which can often make them particularly difficult to clean. Not cleaning this area regularly can cause your sliding patio doors to stop functioning properly. 

Step 1 – Begin By Vacuuming 

Vacuum the bottom frame and tracks with the narrow tip attachment of your vacuum first as there’s usually a lot of dirt and grime built up depending on how long they were last cleaned. Vacuuming the majority of the dirt will make the rest of the cleaning process much easier for you.

Step 2 – Begin Scrubbing

Retrieve your sponge, a bucket of some soapy water and a used toothbrush and begin scrubbing away the rest of dirt and gunk from the bottom frame and tracks 

This process will allow your sliding patio door to roll much more smoothly. 

After you’ve cleaned the track with the soapy water make sure to wipe down the tracks again with a dry clean cloth to prevent moisture on the tracks.  

Step 3 – Clean the Sill

Clean the sill thoroughly to ensure it’s free of any debris, gunk, or dirt. This is very important as the rollers for your sliding patio glass doors will roll on this. The sill should also be cleaned regularly. 

Step 4 – Clean the Jamb

And finally, cleaning the jamb is the last step. Getting into the corners and tight spots can be difficult, this technique can be helpful when trying to clean these types of spots. Wrap a cloth around a butter knife. Not only will this help you to clean the hard to reach corners but it also will protect the track from any accidental damage. Also make sure you aren’t using any harsh cleaning chemicals as they can erode the sliding door frame if you’re not careful.

Step 5 – Clean Your Sliding Door Rollers

To start, check to see if the door rollers are damaged. If they’re fine, then you’ve most likely got a build-up of debris that needs cleaning. You can easily clean it with some warm soapy water and a toothbrush. Once that’s done and you’ve successfully remove most of the dirt, you can begin reinstalling your sliding patio door back into place. 

With routine cleaning, your sliding doors shouldn’t have too many problems. Given they are used often, they are bound to have noticeable wear and tear, though the risk of this can be easily mitigated by making sure you’re keeping the rollers clean.

If you continue to experience issues or notice that your rollers are broken, then it’s important to reach out to a professional and look into getting your sliding patio door rollers changed. 

Our mobile team at Revitalize Windows & Doors specialize in replacing defective sliding patio and screen door rollers. Reach out to us to get a free quote. Servicing the greater Toronto area and surrounding regions were your door repair specialist. 

How to Reinstall the Sliding Glass Door Back

After you’ve completed cleaning the sliding patio door, you can now start the process of putting it back onto the tracks. 

Get the Door into Position

Get someone to help you with this step. Make sure the area is clear of any cleaning products or tools you were using earlier and with your assistant lift the door off of the blanket and stand it upright. Next grab the door tightly and move it over to the frame so it is facing towards the tracks.

Fit it onto the Tracks

Bend both your knees and lift the glass door up so the top of the door is angled towards the top track. Slide the top of the door into the top track and then push the door upwards. Now angle the bottom of the door so that the rollers fit onto the bottom track and then slowly lower the door down into place.

Tighten the Screws

Once you’ve inserted the sliding patio door inside the tracks. You can then begin tighten the screws to make sure the door is nice and secured. Depending on your type of sliding patio door, take your flathead or phillips screwdriver and start turning clockwise to tighten the screws on the bottom of the door to secure it in the frame.

Test the Sliding Door

Now that you’ve adjusted the rollers properly. You can then test your sliding door to make sure it’s rolling smoothly. Pull and push the sliding door back and forth to ensure that the rollers are sliding smoothly along the tracks.

Cleaning the Glass on Your Sliding Door

Get two microfibre cloths, one will be wet and the other dry. Spray a window washing solution on your glass and wipe it down gently in a circular motion until the glass is completely clean. It’s best to start from top to bottom. 

You can then use the dry cloth to wipe down any other streaks left behind. You can then repeat the same steps on the other side of your glass sliding door. 

Through routine cleaning and maintenance, your sliding glass door should be able to function properly and smoothly. Saving you time and money in the future. 


Cleaning your patio doors should be incorporated into regular home maintenance routines. By using appropriate cleaning solutions, tools, and techniques, you can keep your patio doors looking pristine and performing optimally for years to come, enhancing the enjoyment and value of your home. If you require any repair services for your patio doors you can contact us at (416) 906-4395 or here at Revitalize Windows & Doors where we can provide a free quote. Servicing Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Woodbridge, Markham, Richmond Hill and surrounding regions, we’re your go to window and door repair specialist.

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