Commercial Door Hardware Replacement

Elevate the security and efficiency of your commercial space with our comprehensive door hardware replacement services at Revitalize Windows & Doors. We service the greater toronto area and surrounding regions providing speedy mobile repair services. From door locks to closers, exit devices, and beyond, we specialize in upgrading and maintaining every aspect of your door hardware. Our skilled technicians meticulously assess your needs and provide tailored solutions to ensure seamless functionality and maximum security. With a wide range of high-quality hardware options available, we offer modern and robust solutions to meet the unique requirements of your business. Reliable commercial door hardware replacements that enhance the safety and convenience of your establishment.

Entry door locks are the first line of defence for your property, providing security and peace of mind. However, over time, locks can become worn, damaged, or outdated, compromising their effectiveness and leaving your home vulnerable to intruders. 

Whether you need repairs, replacements, or upgrades Revitalize Windows & Doors can ensure that your entry door lock is functioning optimally, keeping your property safe and secure.

Door closers are essential components for commercial and residential buildings, providing convenience, safety, and security by ensuring that doors close smoothly and securely behind users when functioning correctly. However, over time, door closers can experience wear and tear, leading to issues such as door slamming, delayed closing, or complete failure. 

Our team at Revitalize Windows & Doors offer specialized expertise in inspecting, repairing, and maintaining these crucial mechanisms to ensure they function optimally. Whether you’re dealing with a leaking hydraulic fluid, a misaligned arm, or simply want to upgrade to a more efficient and durable door closer. 

Exit devices, or panic bars, push bars, or crash bars, should be well maintained and functioning properly to ensure occupants can rapidly and safely exit your building in case of emergencies such as fire or other hazards. Revitalize Windows & Doors offer repair, replacement and upgrade services for your exit devices. Ensuring smooth egress during emergencies, and complying with relevant regulations and standards. 

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