Patio Door REPAIRS

Patio doors can transform a room, bringing in more natural light, creating great views and allowing you to enjoy your garden or yard from the inside too. They also provide easy access to your outdoor living area. Hardware on your sliding patio doors can get damaged or worn over time. Patio door latch or handle may need to be replaced.Being pushed and pulled multiply times a day rollers may need adjusting or replacing. Revitalize Windows And Doors can provide service to your sliding patio door so you can enjoy exiting and entering your home smoothly.  


Having a sliding patio door handle not function correctly can be frustrating and can also make it extremely difficult to open and close your door. These handles efficiency can become progressively worse over time due to wear and tear. Handles become loose, difficult to unlatch, or stiff to turn. We can replace and repair a variety of different types of patio door handles allowing you to have a proper functioning sliding door again.

Servicing the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding areas Revitalize Windows And Doors is your go to patio door repair specialist.

Sliding door latch unrepairable? we can find a suitable replacement that goes well with your sliding door. Want to use your patio door as a separate entrance to your home, we can install a key lock to your patio sliding door system so it can be locked from the inside and opened from the outside.

Sliding patio doors are great when they function properly, when they don’t it can be very annoying. You maybe be having an issue with your sliding patio door not sliding smoothly, this is usually caused by the sliding door rollers malfunctioning due to wear and tear. Another cause could be debris and dirt accumulation on the track, grime and pet hair can accumulate on the rollers as well causing it to not function properly leading it to deteriorate over time. We can replace your old sliding door rollers allowing it to roll smoothly again. We keep on hand a wide selection of different sliding patio door rollers making sure we’re able to provide reliable and prompt service. 

Kick locks are great for a few reasons, firstly they allow you to lock and unlock the door with a tap of your foot keeping your hands free. Secondly these locks are great for their actual mounting location which makes it impossible to tamper with them. Unlike other key or cam locks, intruders would have to smash through the glass before they can get this kind of lock to open.

Another benefit of having a kick lock installed on your sliding patio door is the fact it has two operational positions. Note in the image the two channels in the lock. These two channels allow for your patio door to be locked when it’s in the closed position or slightly open to let in some fresh air. The kick lock in the secondary position still doesn’t have an opening wide enough for someone to force entry inside. The kick lock is also unique as it can be used to hinder children from opening up the door when mounted at the top. 

Another option available for keeping your sliding patio door secure is adding a security bar.These can be a huge deterrent for intruders or break-ins through your sliding patio door. 

This is a telescopic bar which is tucked up against the frame of the door when not in use. But when placed horizontally restricts your sliding door from being able to open. Similar to the kick lock its impossible to force the door open. The bars wedges the door against the opposite wall, which means the intruder would have to break the glass to gain entry.

stuck sliding patio door

We know how frustrating it can be having a patio door that gets stuck when trying to open it due to worn out or rusted old patio door rollers. Having to struggle pulling and pushing your patio door to exit or enter your home should never be an option. You shouldn’t have to summoned all the strength in your body to get your patio door open. Our team at Revitalize Windows & Doors have replaced numerous different types of patio door rollers and are well equipped to service your patio door. With out speedy mobile service we can have your patio door rolling smoothly again. Our easy service process saves you time and money allowing you to easily open your patio doors again without having to strain your shoulders, hands or wrist. A lot of time home owners believe that by spraying a lubricant on the tracks this will fix the problem for there patio doors to roll smoothly again. Unfortunately in the majority of cases its the patio door rollers that have either been damaged, corroded or compromised in one form or another. These rollers need to be replaced in order for your patio door to roll smoothly again. Let our expert team at Revitalize Windows & Doors service your patio doors, so you can worry less about opening and closing them and focus more on enjoying the outdoors. Click the link below to get a free quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some sliding patio door services you offer?

Revitalize Windows And Doors offer numerous sliding patio door services, from repairing and replacing handles, locks, rollers and installing added security features.

Can you add a key lock to my sliding patio door handle?

Yes, we can add a key to your outside patio door handle allowing for entry to your home.

I have a sliding patio door latch that’s defective, can you replace it?

Yes, we can replace your defective latch with a new one.

I want to prevent my child from opening the sliding patio door from the inside, is there a secondary lock available?

Yes, we can provide a secondary lock and install it preventing your child from opening your sliding patio door.

My sliding door isn’t rolling smoothly, can you fix this issue?

Yes, we can replace your old worn out sliding patio door rollers with new ones allowing it to roll smoothly again.

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