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How Much Does Window Repair Cost ?

The cost of repairing windows can vary depending on factors like the type of repair needed, the size of the window, and your location. If you’re having difficulty opening or closing your window or maybe you have one that has a crack in it. Or one that’s fogging up, you may ask yourself if it’s…

The cost of repairing windows can vary depending on factors like the type of repair needed, the size of the window, and your location.

If you’re having difficulty opening or closing your window or maybe you have one that has a crack in it. Or one that’s fogging up, you may ask yourself if it’s worth fixing, and if so how much would it cost? 

On average, it costs about $350 to repair a window, but these costs can be as low as $200 or as high at $800. This price varies heavily on the type of window repair you may require, as well as the type, size and location of the window itself.  

The material of the window frame plays a role as well in the repair cost wether it’s wood, aluminum or vinyl windows which are cheaper to fix compared to fiberglass or composite windows. Another important factor is the windows accessibility. If it requires a ladder to reach, the labor cost will increase, compared to first-story windows. While some repairs are fine to do yourself to save money, for others, it’s best to hire a professional. 

Repair Cost by Type of Window

There are various different types of windows. Essentially, you can categorize windows in two ways. The first is by the number of panes it has, meaning panes of glass. The second is by the design of the window, be it a skylight, a sliding glass window or a bay window, among others. The material of the window frame is also a factor as certain materials are cheaper to replace than others.

Type of Window           Cost Range 

Single Pane                   $200 – $400

Double Pane                  $300 – $500

Triple Pane                    $800 – $4300

Five Pane/Bow              $1500 – 5100

Arched                           $500 – $1100

Awning                           $400 – $900

Bay                                 $700 – $3200

Casement                       $200 – $900

Egress                            $300 – $800

Skylight                           $700 – $1700

Sliding                             $200 – $700

Storm                              $150 – $450

Wood                              $300 – $800

Aluminum                       $400 – $900

Vinyl                                $300 – $600

Fiberglass                       $400 – $900

Composite                      $600 – $1200

Because all windows have a certain number of panes, it’s easiest to think of them first in terms of the number of panes they have, and then go into design when trying to figure out window repair costs.


Single-pane windows include fixed windows, hoppers, casements, skylights and picture windows. On average, repairing a single-pane window costs less than a multi-paned window, as you won’t have to worry about moisture getting trapped in between panes and causing fogginess. Expect to pay about $300, with a range of $200 to $400.


Double-pane windows are, as you might have guessed, windows with two panes. On average, fixing a double pane-pane window costs $300 to $500. Some common examples are double-hung windows, single hung windows and storm windows.


Triple-pane windows cost even more than double-pane windows, $800 to $4,300. This type includes bay windows and arched windows. 


Five-pane windows cost, on average, about $3,500 to repair, with a range of $1,600 to $5,100. You’ll find five-pane windows in bow windows.


An arched window, otherwise known as a radius window, is a window with an arch on top. It costs an average of $600 to repair an arched window, with a range of $500 to $1100.


An awning window opens from the bottom up towards the person opening it, rather than directly up. For repairs, awning windows cost an average of $500, ranging from $400 to $900.


One of the most aesthetic types of windows are bay windows, which typically have three panes and form a trapezoid when viewed from the top. However, the triple panes will cost you, with an average repair cost of $2,500, although you could pay as little as $700 or as much as $3,200.


A casement window is similar to an awning window in that it doesn’t slide up or down, but rather, opens out toward you. However, unlike an awning window, which opens from top to bottom, a casement window opens from side to side. Casement windows are relatively cheap to repair, costing an average of $500 and ranging from $200 to $900.


An egress window, typically a basement window, could be used to escape a building in case of an emergency, like a house fire. Built for function, not beauty, egress windows cost an average of $500 to repair with a range of $300 to $800.


If you have a top-story room that lacks any windows, installing a skylight is a great way to add natural light. However, being on your roof, skylights are less accessible than first-story windows, costing anywhere from $700 to $1,700 to repair, or $1,300 on average.


Sliding glass windows are easy to open and close and cheap to repair, costing anywhere from $200 to $700 and $400 on average.


Placing storm windows over your regular windows is a great and affordable way to protect them. If your storm windows are damaged, fixing them will cost an average of $250, ranging from $150 to $450.

Cost based on the type of repair. 

If you’re planning on repairing your windows, the first step is to identify the problem. With some problems, you’ll be able to fix the damage yourself for a really low cost, but others will require a professional and could cost into the hundreds. If you need professional help repairing your window, our team at Revitalize Windows & Doors is here for you. We offer a variety of window repair services, contact us for a free quote. Serving the greater toronto area and surrounding regions.

Type of Repair                           Average Cost

Crank Mechanism                             $200

Broken Glass                                    $700

Cracked Pane                                   $250

Hinge                                                 $400

Latch or Hardware                             $150

Sash                                                  $400

Sash Balance, Cord or Coil               $400

Window Screen Repair                      $150

Window Screen Replacement           $225

Seal or Track Repair                          $500

Window Thermal Seal Repair            $150

Fogginess                                          $300

Rotted Frame                                    $800

Common Types Of Window Repairs

Crank Mechanism Replacement

The window crank mechanism is what you use to open or close a window, and it costs an average of $200 to replace, with a range between $175 and $400. The cost of the hardware itself will affect the cost of installation, as well as the accessibility of the window.

Broken Glass

If the glass itself has more than a small crack in it, you’ll need to get it replaced, but the price will vary based on the type of glass, the size and design of the window and other factors. Expect to pay anywhere from $400 to $800 for your broken glass, with an average around $700.

Cracked Pane

Sometimes, single or double-paned windows will have a crack in only one of the panes. If this is the case, you can easily do this repair yourself by using a two-part epoxy and spreading it on with a putty knife. However, if you decide to hire a professional you’ll pay about $250, with a range of $150 to $300.

Hinge Replacement

For casement and awning windows, hinges support the window once it’s opened. Hinge repairs range from $350 to $500 with a $400 average. Larger windows require bigger, more expensive hinges.

Latch or Hardware Repair

Replacing the latch or other hardware on the window is another repair a lot of home owners may come across. 

If you hire someone, you can pay about $150, or anywhere from $100 to $200 depending on the cost of the hardware itself, which will vary based on the window type and size.


The sash is the part of a window frame that supports the glass; think of it as a window’s border, inside the frame. Depending on the size of the window, you’ll pay anywhere from $250 to $500 to repair your window’s sash, with larger windows costing more, but expect to pay an average overall cost of $400.

Sash Balances or Coil System

A sash balance rod or coil system is attached to a sash and provides balancing weights so that you can open and close the window without much effort. Fixing either system costs $400 on average, with a range between $250 and $500. Again, the size of the window is the key factor that affects the range here.

Window Screen Repairs or Replacement 

Window screens are great for letting in fresh air and keeping bugs out bugs in the summer. Window screen repairs can cost you anywhere from $150 to $200, with a $150 average. 

While replacing the entire window screen frame or installing a new one all together ranges from $200 to $250 with an average cost of $225. 

Window Thermal Seal Repair

If your window is foggy, the issue might be a broken window seal. The seal is what holds in the gas that’s in between panes of a window and blocks heat from entering a home. Fixing a window thermal seal costs about $150 on average, with a pretty small range of $100 to $200. The process will look pretty similar no matter the design and size of your window, but if your window is hard to access, that will drive up costs.

Rotted Frame

Last but not least, a rotted frame, which will cost you anywhere from $400 to $800 to fix. The cost depends entirely on the frame’s material and size, as larger windows require more material.

Aluminum, vinyl and wood frames are most affordable to replace, while composite wood and fiberglass frames are most expensive. The average cost of repair across all types of rotted frames is $800.

By Frame Material            Cost To Replace

Aluminum                                    $400

Vinyl                                            $600

Wood                                          $600

Composite                                  $600

Fiberglass                                   $800

Some Factors That Affect the Cost of Window Repair

The reason the cost of window repairs varies so heavily is based on the following factors:


The location of the window within your home matters. Exterior windows on the second story or higher will be harder to access, requiring either a ladder or access to the roof. For example, a skylight, although it could be single-pane, has an average repair cost of $1,300, compared to only $300 for a single-pane window on the first floor. Having to go onto someone’s roof is dangerous and requires more equipment, causing the window technician to charge more.


How damaged is the window? The cost to repair a crack in one of the panes (average cost of $250) will be much less expensive to repair than the cost to repair a rotted wooden frame ($600) or a broken seal in between the panes ($100 to $200).

Frame Material

Choosing between fiberglass or vinyl windows? On average, fiberglass windows are the most expensive type of frame to replace, while vinyl and aluminum are the cheapest.


Your location will affect the cost of labor. For example, if you live in a city with a high cost of living, you’ll pay more for the same labor than you would in a rural area with a low cost of living. Labor costs range from $50 to $90 hourly, with a national average of $70. However, if your window repair is an emergency, it’ll drive up costs even more to $200 to $400 an hour with a $300 average.

Type of Repair

Repairs you can do yourself, like fixing a cracked pane, will cost a lot less than fixing a broken seal. For example the average window repair costs $500, but within that are repairs as inexpensive as $250 for a cracked pane, and those as much as $5,000, like fixing a bow window.

Type of Window

The more panes you have, the more it’ll cost to repair your window. Also, more elaborate windows like block windows, bay windows or skylights will cost more to fix than more standard windows like awnings, casements or egresses. Single-pane windows are cheapest to fix, starting at only $200, while five-pane bow windows are more expensive, maxing out at $5,000. However, the average across all window types is $500.

Window Size

The larger the window size, the more expensive it’ll be to repair, increasing the costs of labor, materials and time spent. Larger bay and block windows, which cost an average of $2,000 each, will be more expensive than a small transom window above a door, for example, or a small picture window, which both have average repair costs of $350.

How to Save Money on Window Repairs

There are a few ways you can bring down the costs of your window repairs significantly, such as:

  • Ask for more options: The window repair person may suggest the most expensive option first, so be sure to ask for cheaper options, as they probably exist.
  • Bundle: Need to get multiple windows repaired at a time? Ask for a bundling discount.
  • Don’t wait: Waiting to get your windows repaired may worsen the damages, increasing your overall costs. It’s best to act fast.
  • Go green: If you can, upgrading to energy-efficient  windows will save you money on heating and cooling costs. Studies have found that heat gained and lost through windows accounts for 25% to 30% of your home’s total heating and cooling energy usage. Look for windows that are ENERGY STAR certified.
  • Look for public government rebate programs in your area: In some places, eligible households can get help in order to seal their windows, making them more energy-efficient. 

Repairing Windows Yourself vs. Hiring a Professional

Some window repairs are doable if you’re handy, like replacing a screen, changing hardware, sealing a window or fixing a crack. However, there are times when you should fine a professional window repair company instead of doing it yourself.

Additional Costs Associated With Window Repair

Sometimes, repairing a window is not enough, and it’ll require a total new window replacement. In that case, you would certainly want to hire one of the best window replacement companies or ask your contractor about window replacement, if you have one. The cost of replacing a window is anywhere from $1200 to $2500, but it can be up to $4000, depending on the type of window, size, location, etc.


The cost of window repair can vary depending on several factors such as the type of repair needed, the size of the window, and your location. Minor repairs may cost anywhere from $200 to $300 per window, while more extensive repairs could range from $300 to $1,000 or more. It’s important to obtain quotes from local window repair professionals to get an accurate estimate based on your specific needs and circumstances. Investing in window repair is essential for maintaining the functionality, aesthetics, and energy efficiency of your home or building. If you’d like to  get a free quote on a specific window repair you can reach out to us at here at or call us at (416) 906-4395. Servicing Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Woodbridge, Markham, Richmond Hill and surrounding regions, we’re your go to window and door repair specialist.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to repair a window?

It takes about one to three hours to repair a window or longer for frame replacements and larger windows.

Is it better to repair or replace windows?

Whether it is better to repair or replace windows depends on the extent of the damage. If you can, make a repair instead of a replacement to save money, as long as your window will still be energy-efficient.

What is the cheapest way to repair windows?

The cheapest way to repair windows is to do it yourself if you have the know-how, materials and tools. However, this won’t always be possible, and in some cases, you’ll need to hire someone. You can save, however, by asking for multi-window discounts, exploring cheap options with your contractor or not waiting to do repairs. Some issues, like a cracked window, will only worsen with time and could end up costing you more if you want.

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